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My Favorite… Bookish Couple

After my week long hiatus, I’m back with a new bookish meme. This is my first time participating in the “My Favorite” bookish weekly feature. If you are interested in participating make sure to check out BookishlyRebecca‘s blog.

This week’s prompt is about your favorite bookish couple. I keep thinking that I have too many favorites, so come to think about it, maybe this is not the right bookish meme for me 😂

Anyways, if I had to decide I would say that my favorite bookish couple is Katy and Daemon from the “Lux” series. I know, I know… you are probably thinking, “wait, isn’t’ this book from like… 2012!”, and you are totally right. However, I know that as a fellow book lover, you understand how some stories stay rooted in our hearts for many, many years ❤️

I read this book back in 2015 and I fell in love with the story. I remember loving Daemon’s sexiness and the playful banter between our main characters. It was a fun and cute story, and when I read the rest of the series it became one of my favorites.

Like I said before, there are so many books that I have read since then, but for some reason I always come back to the “Lux” series or “Anna and the French Kiss”… oohh, I loooooved that book. (But I had to pick one for this post so I went with “Lux”... see, I’m horrible at making decisions)

Do you have a favorite bookish couple? Let me know in the comments!