Bookish Corner

Mini-Review: “Waiting for Tom Hanks” by Kerry Winfrey

My Tom Hanks is out there, and I’m not going to settle until I find him.”

– Kerry Winfrey, “Waiting for Tom Hanks”

I read this book a while ago, but for some reason, I never wrote a review. Which makes no sense since I loved it with all my heart ❤️

This book is so cheesy and cute. I think I was smiling from page 1 to 259. It made me imagine what it would be like if my life would suddenly become a romantic comedy *sighs*

This book may not have all the ingredients for an extraordinary plot, but at the time it was my perfect read. “Waiting for Tom Hanks” is so much fun and by the time you are finished with it, you’ll want to watch all the rom-coms. Especially the ones featuring Tom Hanks.

Annie Cassidy is the main character and I love how her dating expectations come from endlessly watching romantic comedies. I totally understand her! That’s exactly me, but with books. She meets this hot actor and… I’ll stop there, I’m sure you don’t want any spoilers.

If you are in the mood for a cute and extremely romantic story, this is the book for you! I definitely recommend it!

My Rating: 4/5 stars.